Montag, 23. Juni 2008

Berlin Property for Sale

Property for sale in Berlin is seen as one of the best investments at the moment. A McIntosh, an economic adviser, believes that, along with London and Paris, Berlin will become one of the three most important cities in Europe in the 21st century and thus the sale prices of properties will only rise.

Berlin Properties for sale prices are at a low at the moment, as the situation regarding home finance can be compared to the UK before Margaret Thatcher enabled people to buy their council houses. Experts have predicted that the situation within the UK in the last twenty years can easily be replicated within Germany, with a major growth in house-buying to come. There is a flood of foreign investment with some investors buying whole apartment blocks, aiming to sell each of the properties individually, making great capital gains.

Property for sale in Berlin is still fairly in it's infancy. At around 40%, Germany has one of the lowest home ownership rates in Europe, with most Berliners renting their properties.

Emerging Real Estate have several Berlin properties for sale. Most property markets in Western Europe are at the peak of their growth, whereas Berlin is at the beginning of theirs. After years of rebuilding following reunification, Germany is entering a new period of growth. Industry experts are predicting a pick up in the economy, and along with this will naturally increase spending power, and of course, property sale prices.

It sounds daft to put Germany in a group of emerging markets, but in property circles, it most definitely is. It currently offers fantastic opportunities for investors looking for capital growth, and due to the current housing sale market in Berlin, there are many high rental yields available to the investor.

Amberlamb suggests the property sales market in Berlin has been static for the past five years and as such offers investors an ideal opportunity to make real gains in the long-term. However, it is also a perfect place for those seeking rental income. This is simply because the Germans like to rent their houses.

Overall, now is the right time to invest in Berlin Properties for Sale. The sale properties are at the right price at the moment, and you shouldn't wait to invest in the city.

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