Freitag, 12. September 2008

Berlin property – not just for today, but for your future!

You have a unique opportunity to attend a presentation at the London Chamber of Commerce on 25th September and hear directly from our German partner who can answer all of your questions.

The key to good investment is timing.

The right investment at the right time in the right location

The Berlin property market has recently become one of the most up-and-coming and emerging capital city property destinations, with property prices per m², one of the lowest of all of Europe’s capitals. Only 14% of Berliners own a property in Berlin, therefore presenting first-class opportunities for investors from a potentially huge rental market

It is not only Chase Devonshire that has forseen Berlins potential: the worlds biggest and most influential investment companies are buying thousands of apartments.

Goldman Sachs and Cerberus Capital Management alone have bought over 60,000 apartments in the city.

These companies don’t just forsee growth, they create it!

One of Europe’s fastest changing and most constantly evolving countries, Germany is attracting a wealth of investors in search of great priced properties in Berlin before prices dramatically rise as one would expect from a capital city. Record levels of investment into the city are changing the face of Berlin in order to welcome another record growth year for this dynamic and attractive destination.

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