Freitag, 21. August 2009

Berlin. Living Here is Loving Life!

Apartments in Friedrichshain staring from 119,000 €, 2 rooms, 57qm, historic construction, high ceilings!

Berlin of late has become one of the world’s most exciting capital cities. Forget Paris, New York or London – Berlin is now attracting people from far and wide! The relaxed co-existence of diverse lifestyles, the openness allows newcomers to easily fit in. Everyone’s welcome here to add his own part to the fabric of this fine town. It’s friendly, safe and easy to get around. Whether for investment or to take up residence – Berlin is the right place to own property. Besuchen Sie unser freundliches, internationales Team in der Ackerstraße in Berlin-Mitte. Unser Büro befindet sich direkt im Zentrum des Regierungsviertels, in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Hackeschen Markt und zum Rosenthaler Platz.
Berlin: On the scale of worldwide property investment, Berlin is the new shooting star. Gone are the days of Berlin as an island within Germany, easily accessible by plane, Berlin is experiencing an upsurge of tourism never seen before. An ‘El Dorado’ for the creative, the select and for all who value an exciting city. It shines with esprit, offering diverse evening entertainments, bars and nightlife. Berlin has the greatest choice of cultural entertainment as well as infinite possibilities for rest and relaxation. Berlin can boast architecturally valuable, renovated fin de siècle facades as well as numerous lakes and parks. The relaxed atmosphere and multifaceted way of living offers a quality of life second to none. Berlin is an inclusive city making every stay – permanent or part-time – especially unforgettable.

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